Niche Marketing

Build Passion Sites
Passion based websites are quite often the most profitable of all blogs because not only do they offer an extensive library of high quality content, but because of the interaction available on the site from your material, content as well as the contributions of regular visitor’s, bloggers and members.

Passion sites can mean less work for you – yet more money and free unlimited content.

Now, when you start to build a passion based authoritative website, you’ll have to put in a lot more time and effort initially than you would any other category of website. However, once your website has begun to generate consistent traffic, passion sites can be set up on almost complete autopilot just by allowing your website visitors’ to contribute to the content of the site.

For example, you could open the doors to guest bloggers who are able to contribute their own content in exchange for a backlink to their website.

You could also outsource the majority of content to qualified freelancers, and set it up so that 2-3 new articles are set to automatically publish every week.

The idea behind passion sites is that you need to continue updating the site with material on a regular basis. Passion sites become authority websites over time because of the sheer amount of content and material offered to visitors.