Article Titles

Spend 50% of your efforts on the “TITLE” of your article.

This is extremely important. If your title isn’t full of benefits for it’s readers, chances are the article won’t even get read… so spend a lot of time on it!
The above point is EXTREMELY important! The title of your article will decide it’s success or failure — plain and simple!

Here are two of my favorite ways to insure you create a killer title for your article:

• Ask a question in the title. For example:
— Do You Make These 4 Stupid Mistakes When Asking Someone Out On A First Date? This May Be The Reason You’re Sitting Home Every Weekend!

— Are You Embarrassed To Smile? Try These “Secret” Home Whitening Remedies And Never Be Ashamed To Show Those “Pearly Whites” Again!

— Are You Tired Of Searching For Your Perfect Soul Mate? Take This Romance Quiz And Find Out Where You’re Failing…And How To Correct It!

— Is Your Spouse Having An Affair? Discover These Three “Dead Giveaways” And You’ll Immediately Know For Sure…

Offer “How To” advice. For example:
— How To Win Back Your Old Flame’s Affection In Three Easy Steps – Do This And You’ll Quickly Mend Your Broken Heart!

— How To Effortlessly Sweep Your Spouse Off Her Feet — Wine Her And Dine Her — And Make Her Wonder Who The Great Imposter Is — All For Less Than $16.

— How To Win The Heart Of That “Special Someone” Using These Five Simple Questions — Best Of All… They’ll Never Realize You’ve Cast Your Magic Spell!

Here are a few additional pointers when it comes to writing titles for your articles:
Be very specific:
— Three Keys To A Successful….
— Four “Ultra-Resourceful” Ways You Can….
— Seven Crucial Steps To Take To…

… In Only 3 Days Or Less!
… In Just One Weekend!
… For Under $10
… Just Listening To Your CD Player While Driving Home From Work!

For example… Don’t just say:
“Your Family Will Love My Famous Homemade Spaghetti And Meatballs Recipe — Guaranteed!”

But instead say:
“Discover “Grandma Lucia’s” Traditional Pasta Recipe… Spaghetti And Meatballs… Still Being Served Daily In Her Sicilian Pasta House — Prepared In Under 20 Minutes For Less Than $4 Bucks A Serving — Deliciouso!”

If you sell electronics on your website and plan to write an article on installing a home theater system…

Don’t Say:
“Discover My Clever Little Secrets To Installing A Home Theater System In Your Home”

But instead say:
“Learn How To Install Your Very Own Home Theater System In Under Two Hours — NO TOOLS REQUIRED — For Less Than $50… Using Only The Equipment You Already Have In Your Home!”

You get the idea? Be very specific in your title and clearly state the benefits of reading the article in the title. Benefits… Benefits… Benefits…!

Be specific! Don’t say several ways you can learn how to do something:
= say 5 ways
= or 10 ways
= or 3 ways.

Don’t just say quickly and easily:
= say in less than two hours
= in only a weekend
= no tools required!

Use the word “YOU” as often as possible in your title. People want to know “what’s in it for me if I read this? By using the word “YOU”, it’s a psychological trigger that tells them that there is something in it for them.

Okay? Let’s do one more…

Let’s say you have a website selling pet products. You’re capture page (homepage) is all setup to capture a customer’s email address by offering a free report and free e-course about a topic related to pets.

Now, let’s take things one step further and let’s assume you want to write an article that you can submit to several article directories (FREE) to get a rush of traffic to your site. Here’s the type of article you might write:
“Discover 3 Safe And Natural Remedies Guaranteed To Rid Your Home Of Fleas In 5 Days Or Less Using Only Five Basic Ingredients Found Right In Your Pantry — Plus Save Over $200 A Year On Harmful Pesticides.

Or here’s another…
Discover An Amazingly Simple Yet Effective Shortcut To Housebreak Your New Puppy In 7 Days or Less…Spending Only 10 Minutes A Day!

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