How To Write A Great Article

Forget Everything You Were Taught In English Class. You Want To Write In Your Own Style And At An 8th Grade Reader Level.
Don’t try to impress your readers with your intelligence.
Don’t use big words when you can use much simpler, shorter words that have the same meaning.
Don’t bore your readers! Add some sizzle and spice.
Be unique and show your personality! Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Each Article You Write Should Be Approximately 700-1000 Words
Always keep your articles short, sweet, concise… and to the point.
When adding articles (as content) to your website, you can make your article as long as you’d like, however when submitting these articles to article directories to promote your website you want to follow their strict guidelines which usually involve a specific maximum word count and format.

Use bullet points and break up lines of text with transitional effects like this… and this — or use (parenthesis like this) to make it easier on your reader’s eyes.

A well written article should consist of short sentences and short paragraphs, bullet points and sub-headings, each addressing a specific point of topic in your article.

Stay Focused On Your Topic And Provide Useful Information
Quality is most important! Do your research and write your articles to educate your readers.
Folks like it when you’re specific… so give them specifics. Offer links to additional resources if needed.
Use popular search engines like Google and Yahoo to read over similar articles and find websites focused on your subject to research your topic.

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