How to Write an Article Part 2

What you should do is:

List everything you already know about this subject in an easy to reference list.
Next, go to Google and do a few searches on the topic. I’m sure you’ll find several listings related to the subject. Yes, you might have to be clever in your search, but rest assured — you’ll find the info if you dig deep enough.
Then, read over the best of those articles and websites you find and make yourself an ultra-resourceful list on your topic.
Finally, take your notes and construct your own article in a simple, easy to read format.

And Here’s The Sales Pitch: Every article you write can include a “resource box” at the end of the article. A resource box is basically a few lines of text that provides a little “snapshot” about the author of the article. This resource box also allows you to include a subtle “PLUG” about you, your website, your newsletter, etc.

It’s extremely important not to abuse your resource box with blatant plugs and sales pitches. It’s also extremely important that you NOT try to sell anything directly from your article content. Just write a quality, informative article and that’s it!

When preparing your resource box, you’ll want to do so in the third person context.

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