Choosing the Right Niche

Magazines are the perfect test for a profitable niche.
It cost so much money to print, ship, and keep magazines going to not be profitable.
If a publisher is willing to go through the hassle there is a demand.
Look at magazines at your local grocery store.
Look at
Look at Magazines Page.
Go to and search for magazines.
Search on Google for Magazines
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Information products like ebooks or video courses sell well here.
Their marketplace contains a lot of valuable niche research.
You can even view products by how they are selling on Clickbank.
Look at gravity score and popularity.
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People suffering from common ailments are open to natural solutions to their problems.
There are natural cures or ways to cure certain ailments without the need for expensive medical procedures or prescriptions.
This is a niche where you want to have a good disclaimer in place.
Anytime you can help someone be more comfortable you are in a market that can be very profitable.
Use a popular health site like to find common ailments people suffer from.
Use your research in conjunction with Clickbank or book research to backup your findings.