Information Products

There are so many advantages to creating information products that it’s hard to list them all, but here are a few:

Information products are extremely easy to produce.

Information products are extremely cheap to produce.

When you start most businesses you go straight into debt. You might have to buy or rent premises, buy your stock, fit out a store, install technology etc etc and before you know it you’re $50,000 in debt before you even start trading.

Selling information products online is a way to start your own business with little or sometime NO overheads.

Also Information products are very versatile.

You can sell them at a profit, give them away as an incentive to get people to sign up for your list, sell them at a low price to showcase your skills and then offer higher priced products...There’s a whole world of ways to use information products to build an online business.

So what do we mean when we say information products?

Any product that gives people information, usually a solution to some sort of problem.  People pay to get out of the hole they just fell in – not how to avoid holes. Solutions to problems always sell well.

For instance a product could tell people how to train a dog, lose weight, design a website, cure bad breath, meet members of the opposite sex, put up shelves, apply makeup, or paint a portrait using oil paintings.

An information product can be made in video form, as en ebook, or as an audio recording. Some types of information products lend themselves better to one form than another.

For instance if you are telling people how to apply makeup you definitely need visuals, so a video would be best. An audio recording wouldn’t do the trick in this case and an ebook would need to have a lot of screenshots.

If you want to tell someone how to meet members of the opposite sex, however, an ebook or an audio recording would work well.
And if you want to tell someone how to train a dog, an ebook with screen shots, or a video, would work equally well.

Find your subject, then decide on the best way to present it – ebook, audio, video etc.

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