Information Products 2

One of the biggest hurdles new internet marketers face is choosing what type of information product to create.

Since you most likely want to make a profit off of this, you need to create an information product that solves a problem or tells people how to do something.
Solving problems is profitable.

Also, you want to make sure that there’s a decent sized audience for this product, and you want to make sure that they have money to spend.

So you wouldn’t want to create an information product that solves a really obscure problem that is only faced by a tiny group of people. And you wouldn’t want to create an information product that appeals to a crowd that has no money to spend, such as young teenagers or children.

Here is a list of evergreen product ideas where you will always find a hungry crowd. Provide these people with a genuinely helpful solution to their problem and you will have a grateful crowd that will come back again and again:

Weight Loss
Dog training
Pet health
Acne cures
Curing romantic woes
Saving money
Debt Consolidation
Avoiding foreclosure
Making money online
Driving targeted traffic to websites

This doesn’t mean that you should only stick to that list, by any means. If you have a skill and you can teach other people - for instance, as we mentioned earlier, applying makeup or painting a portrait or arts and crafts or home repairs - by all means create an information product around it.

You need to make your information product stand out, so you would want to develop a method that lets people learn how to do something quickly and easily, and emphasize that when promoting your product.

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