List building 3

Today let's talk about how you can use social networking sites to build
a responsive mailing list.

Social networking is a great method that you can use to bring in new
subscribers and build a responsive mailing list. It is fast becoming a
standard in the way that individuals and businesses communicate with
each other. It is literally changing the way we connect and interact with
like minded people.

In its basic form social networking is simply a group of people that
gather together because of a certain topic or interest. Before the
advent of social networking websites this type of interaction was
conducted in person, especially at work, in schools and in universities.
While this type of interaction still occurs social networking online is
much more popular.

This is simply because unlike most real world meeting places, the
internet is loaded with countless people who are seeking to connect
with others, share information and experiences on just about any topic
you can think of. These people are building friendships, professional
relationships, finding employment, marketing their business and
building massive lists of followers, all with a few clicks of their mouse.

There are a number of good reasons why this method of list building is
more effective compared to conventional list building methods. First of
all list building is completely integrated into social networking sites, as
a matter of fact it is the core purpose of the sites.

Take Twitter for instance, seeing how many followers you can get is the
main goal of most members. This race to attract followers makes
building your list faster and simpler than ever before. On Twitter you
can quickly build a list of followers and share any information you want
with them from inside the Twitter platform. You can even direct them to
your squeeze page and entice them to join your regular mailing list, if
you so desire. The important thing to remember when you are using
Twitter to build your list is that you must respect your followers, share
good information with them, never bombard them with spam and they'll
be happy keep following you.

The same holds true on Facebook. You can seek out and accept
friends from all over the world that are interested in your chosen niche.
These are people that are ready and willing to communicate with you
and with the use of Facebook pages you can easily create a squeeze
page within your Facebook account so that you can easily convert your
friends in to subscribers of your regular mailing list.

From a marketing standpoint, using social networking sites to build a
responsive mailing list eliminates many of the major disadvantages
associated with more traditional list building methods. Opening doors
and allowing you to easily connect with people that are interested in
what you have to say faster than ever before. Just keep in mind that
building your list with social media is based on the process of gaining
and nurturing relationships. As long as you focus on that you will have
no problem building a responsive list of happy subscribers.

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