List Building 5

While there are many ways that you can make money from your list of
subscribers including; selling your own products and promoting affiliate
programs, one of the most effective ways that an email marketer can
maximize profits from their list is through a one time offer, often referred
to as an OTO.

Generally, one time offers appear only one time during the sign up or
sales process. Most of the time these special offers are presented right
before or immediately after a customer makes a purchase. However,
when it comes to list building you can offer your new subscribers an
irresistible one time offer immediately after they have confirmed their
subscription to your list.

While there is some debate as to whether or not including an OTO it in
your list building process to increase profits is a good approach,
because it doesn't allow any time to develop a solid relationship with
your new subscriber before trying to sell them something.

The augment is that if you aren't considered an expert in your market,
and your subscribers aren't familiar with who you are presenting them a
one time offer immediately after they sign up for free information can
actually damage your reputation with your new subscriber.

If you want to play it safe you and still use this technique you can build a
special offer page to send your subscribers to only after that have been
on your list for a few days and received free content that they signed up
for. You can then send out an email broadcast letting your subscriber
know that you have a very special one time offer available.

To make this process easier, all you have to do is load your
autoresponder with pre-written messages. This way as soon as a new
subscriber joins your list they will immediately be entered into the series
and they will start receiving follow up messages that are sent out
automatically on specific dates. Try to keep the first few emails content
rich and designed towards building a relationship with your new

A good rule of thumb is to send out the first email (that includes the
download link for the free product) instantly, and then set your
autoresponder to send out one email per week until the series ends.

As I mentioned above, with regards to sending out promotional email,
the broadcast feature in your autoresponder system is a much better
option, especially if your promotions are time sensitive. Most
autoresponder systems come with this feature ant it allows you to
instantly send out an email to your entire subscriber base at one time,
instead of including it into the autoresponder sequence.

When it comes to the frequency in which you send out email broadcasts
to your list it is completely up to you. Many online marketers will suggest
once a week, while others think that the more often you send your
messages the sooner you'll be able to build a relationship with your
subscribers. Ultimately it is up to you!

The process of building a responsive mailing list it will take some
time and you will want to train your subscribers to expect both free
content and promotional emails from you. Remember to create a
balance of content filled and promotional based emails and above all
only promote quality products and affiliate offers to your subscribers.

After all you worked very hard to get them to join your list and you don't
want to drive them away by offering them information and products that
don't meet up to their expectations of you.

I want to thank you again for joining me for this short course and I hope
that you have learned a lot about building your own lucrative mailing list
and that will be very profitable for your business.

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