Basic List Building Strategies

When it comes to building your own list the first thing you should do if
you want people to give you their email address is to make it very easy
for them.

If you have a website or blog add a subscription form to all of
the main pages. Make it highly visible and offer your visitors something
of real value in exchange for joining your list.

There are many ways that you can entice people to join your mailing list.
Here are a few quick ideas that you can use;

– Give them a bonus product, free gift or a discount on their next
purchase when they subscribe.

– Send them to a webpage where they can download a free ebook,
report or software related to the product they purchased.

– Offer them free access to member’s only website where they can get
access to additional information, customer perks and special offers.

– Give them a chance to win a prize, by holding a free contest or
sweepstakes for subscribers only

– Offer them free customer support and email consulting.

– Have them fill out a survey and give them a free gift as an incentive to
complete the form.

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