Success Part 2

On the other hand, successful people know how to keep their dream alive. They think about it often. They visualize it whenever possible. They become emotionally involved in their dreams; seeing themselves achieving it and actually experiencing the emotion that they would feel. They keep their dream in the forefront of their minds. Thus successful people never lose sight of their goals. Their goal is always in their minds and they can feel it, touch it, enjoy it and experience it by visualizing it daily.

Successful people don’t let what others say discourage them. When others laugh at them, they know they will have the last laugh. In spite of the many times they may have heard: "It won’t work." "You have no experience." "You don’t have enough money." "It’s a stupid idea."  They still believe in their dream. They have learned to ignore the negatives and focus on the positives. Their determination is so fierce that they continue on despite what others think, say or do.

Successful people know exactly where they are going. They have written down their goals. Writing helps to program their subconscious. Written goals give them the motivation to take them where they want to go.

Successful people are confident. They know where they are going. This in itself breeds confidence. They also believe in themselves and their ability to succeed. They know how true Henry Ford’s statement is: "If you think you can or if you think you can’t, either way you are right."

People who succeed use their time wisely. They don’t waste time. Focusing on what needs to be done and nothing else, they don’t think about all of the other things that they should be doing. Successful people have learned to do one thing at a time and to give all of their attention to it.

Successful people look for ways to make their dreams come true. They are alert for any opportunities; making their own luck, Unsuccessful people never see opportunities. Because their eyes and minds are closed, opportunities pass them by and they don’t even know it. Thus their life remains the same, stagnant. Successful people have a vision of what life will be like for them. They do everything possible to make that vision come true. Unsuccessful people have no vision of what could be.

Exercise 52—Keep Focused
1. How do you use your time? Is much of it wasted on useless activities?
2. Do you always keep in mind where you are going?
3. Do you try to do everything possible to get there?
4. Can you ignore the discouraging remarks and comments of others?
5. Have you learned from your mistakes?

Successful people, being risk takers, are not afraid of failing. They know they will fail many times before they succeed. Since they accept failure as a learning experience, it cannot stop them. They have learned to analyze failure, try a new way and continue on.

I have two dogs. The younger one is a four year old mutt. The older one is an eleven year old beagle. When we go out for walks the younger one takes off and the beagle follows his trail. The interesting thing is that the beagle will lose the trail many times. Each time he will go back to the last point where he had the scent and run every which way until he picks up that trail. I’d say that nine out of ten times he finds the trail again to resume his chase. He doesn’t give up. Failure does not discourage him. He keeps trying and he eventually succeeds.

Successful people know the difference between perfection and excellence. They are striving for excellence not perfection. The dictionary definition of perfection is being perfect.  Perfect means without defect, flawless. Can any of us ever be without defect, flawless?

Excellence, on the other hand, means superior, being the best at something. Successful people know they don’t have to be perfect. They are allowed to make mistakes.

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