Things All SUCCESSFUL Marketers Have In Common..

Besides a list of subscribers, what is the one
thing that all great marketers have in common?

..Their own product!

Yes! Every marketer has their own product and
their own niche to promote their product to.

Not only that but they have their own affiliate
program to allow others to promote their product
too whilst earning a handsome commission!

Creating your own products needn’t be hard, nor
do you have to start from scratch as you’re about
to find out..

Here are my 6 tips to creating a successful

1. Target a hungry market.

You need to target desperate *BUYERS* and NOT
freebie seekers! If you want your products to
sell, get in front of people who are willing to
spend by addressing their needs and problems!

2. Connect with your target market.

Before you develop your products, talk to your
target market first. Visit the forums and ask
them what answers they’re looking for, what
problems they’re facing, even collect stories of
their problems and use them as selling points on
your sales letter.

3. Check on your competitors.

What kind of products do these people offer to
their customers? What are their strengths and
weaknesses? How do they market their products?
What are they doing, what does their sales page
look like? How can you outplay them?

4. Check on your resources.

You need to make sure that you have all what it
takes to create your products. Are you going to
do this alone? Are you starting from scratch, are
you going to use PLR, can you afford to hire
someone and how long do you have? Have a full
plan first to avoid setbacks!

5. Charge appropriately.

Don’t undercharge and don’t be greedy. Ensure
you’re covering you time and out-goings whilst
leveling up with your competitors. If you intend
to charge more, you must be able to bring more
value to your products such as gifts and bonuses.

6. Promote!

You’re not going to make one sale if no one knows
that your product exists! You need to implement
multiple methods of generating traffic back to
your website. You should be promoting with
article submissions, social book-marking,
directory submissions, press releases, video
promos, blogging, pinging, setting up an
affiliate program.. the lot!

This will ensure your product’s success and
sustained flow of traffic for years to come.

So there you have it…6 rules for you to follow
when you come to create your own product….
*Target your niche
*Connect with your prospects
*Check out your competition
*Use what’s already available
*Strategic pricing
*Promote promote promote!

Now you already know more than what 95% of other
marketers know!

If you want long term income and stable income
online, creating your own product is a must. The
trick is though; to be able to create multiple
high quality products that you can keep on
churning out to make more and more money online.

Whilst this product creation is a entire topic
onto itself, there is one home study course out
there that’s packed with all the information you
need and has already had raving reviews from other

It’s called Easy PDF Profits is a full
blown home study course that will show you how to
create your own niche product from scratch.

Once you’ve practiced this skill, you’ll be able
to churn out site after site and build multiple
sources of income for yourself!

This is ONE skill that should not be overlooked!

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