Traffic Generation 101 part 1

The lifeblood of any online business is in being able to generate highly targeted, consistent traffic to your websites, landing pages and squeeze pages.

Without traffic, you will struggle to build a customer base, generate revenue or even build an online brand of your own.
You've probably tried to generate traffic with a number of different strategies online, and perhaps you found it all too confusing or time consuming.

If you want your content to be easily found in the search engines, you need to build it first and foremost to provide value to the readers, but you also want to make it easy for the search engine bots to crawl and index.

SEO is a complex subject, so we won't be going into a great deal of depth here, but you'll have enough to get started.

The most important thing to remember is that Google is a business with customers to keep happy as well. They want searchers to be able to find what they are looking for, without having to spend too much time looking for it, so they are constantly changing the way they rank things – and giving highest priority to quality.

The days of being able to stuff keywords in to your page and get a high ranking are long gone, and we will not see them again.

Adjust your strategy like this:
1. Craft content that establishes your expertise. You want and need to become a valuable, trustworthy, credible resource for your audience.
2. Create content that separates you from your peers. You can't be just like everyone else – or your audience will stop paying attention.
3.Focus on creating value, offering a different point of view, etc. Whatever you do, make sure you know how you are different from the competition, and make sure you communicate that to your readers.
4. Create content that leaves your readers asking (and coming back) for more.

Great content takes time to develop. The more time you spend working on a piece to ensure it is high quality and fits the requirements above, the higher return on investment (ROI), you can expect to see in terms of traffic and links.
Content doesn't have to be lengthy, but it has to be a big concept, or else the content won't work. Focus on your concepts, and let the content follow as determined by the concept.

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